Reviews from Our Tenants

We get many new tenants through “word of mouth” advertising: One tenant telling a friend or family member about our accommodations and services (in fact, we have a Referral Rewards program for encouragement).

But we also receive many calls, emails, and contacts from various marketing channels, and for those people we offer the recommendations below from satisfied tenants who have often stayed with us for many, many years:

POS is the best investment I’ve made in my company. Their location minutes away from Princeton, bright premises, telecom setup, ample parking, 24/7 access and hyper-professional staff provides everything I need to conduct a fast-paced tech startup. As a daily bonus, I enjoy the walking-distance proximity to a quiet park, convenient lunch places and 2 gyms, helping me keep my life balance.

Sebastien de Ghellinck, Founder & Owner – SkillSignal LLC

My office has been here since we started over 5 years ago. From the prestigious location to the easy parking, potential clients are very impressed when they arrive. The Princeton Office Solutions staff is great, and they make a wonderful first impression on potential clients. The newly remodeled conference rooms provide a perfect location for meetings and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. I would highly recommend Princeton Office Solutions for companies that plan to succeed.

Douglas F. Herring, Attorney – Law Office of Douglas Herring

I have leased office space at Princeton Office Solutions since 2007, and there are many reasons why I have never left. If you are looking for a supportive, professional office environment, with people and spaces that make you feel at home, you can stop looking now—the workspace you are searching for is here at Princeton Office Solutions.

Keith Gillespie, Client Enthusiasm Officer (CEO) – JonEvan Marketing Group

We have been here 15 years because of the quality of work that the Princeton Office Solutions staff provides Gazelle.They care about the success of our company. While maintaining a friendly and convenient office environment, the staff takes care of a variety of tasks – attending to our daily load of phone calls, office management issues, shipping and receiving logistics, conference room scheduling, and reception. Additionally, we have been able to grow into more space with Princeton Office Solutions – and this has saved us time, money and headaches – versus being forced to make physical moves to accommodate our growth. In summary, being a part of Princeton Office Solutions has allowed us to focus on our business, with their staff handles administrative and overhead issues.

Rick Giles, President – Gazelle Group

The secret is out of the bag, Princeton Office Solutions in Princeton is the place to be. It has everything we were looking for to support our practice. We have utilized most of the services they offer. The staff is awesome, they work as a team, are very friendly, and are always ready to help. We give them 5 stars!

Hiro Adiani and Soumit Sarkar, Partners – Strong Financial Partners

Princeton Office Solutions is a page in time. It has been my office, secretarial and administrative staff performing a complex variety of personalized services for over twenty years. Their care, compassion, thoroughness and concern are unparalleled in today’s business world. Our company has thrived and grown from four employees to over 130 under their professional and diligent service efforts. I consistently receive compliments from my customers as to their polite and helpful manner. The one huge problem they solved for me was continuity, continuity, continuity. No more turnover, executive search companies, fees, vacations, sick days, leaving my company without representation. I also no longer had to deal with insurance, pensions and raises that had to do with length of employment as opposed to increased workload or job demands. I would heartily recommend Princeton Office Solutions in today’s economy to anyone who is seeking to grow a company while maintaining a cost-effective personalized service. It is wonderful to have a full-service, happy, can-do team behind you.

Dale H. Peterson, President – Cleanest Management Services, LLC

Be sure to compare EVERYTHING before you decide which Princeton office rental location provides the most benefits for your small business.

We believe that our business philosophy and significant advantages truly set us apart from our competition.

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