Princeton Virtual Office Services

A Princeton address…with secretarial services, mail, and your own phone number…without leaving your home, state, or country.

Did you know that you can run much of your business outside of your home while staying at home? You can, with Princeton Office Solutions’ virtual office service.

With a prestigious Princeton address, your clients need never know that you are really working out of a home office — or even out of the state or country! Without charging you for office space, we are able to provide you with secretarial services as needed, a Princeton mailing address, and you can even add a private business phone number. Additionally, should a client ever want to meet with you, we can provide a conference room and a friendly receptionist to greet your guests.

So whether you are on a bare-bones budget, or live far away, or simply consider a bathrobe to be “business casual,” we have got the virtual office solution you need to professionally run your business.

Available with all virtual office space rental solutions:

Apply for your Princeton virtual office service today!

If you are ready to start using our virtual office services, simply download and print our application now, complete the information (including the month you will begin our services, and mail it back to us with a check made out to “Princeton Office Solutions” for $300 (includes three month’s rent and security deposit). Please contact us if you need wire transfer information.

We will let you know when we have received your application and payment, and your services are up and running. It’s that easy!

Be sure to compare EVERYTHING before you decide which Princeton virtual office service provides the most advantages for your small business.

We believe that our business philosophy and significant advantages truly set us apart from our competition.

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Questions? Schedule a tour? Call Barbara Allen today at (609) 924-0905.

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