Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long of a lease do you require?

A: You may opt for a minimum agreement of a three to six-month lease (depending upon availability) or negotiate a longer agreement.

Q: What if I want to install my own telephone/fax lines?

A: You can install your own lines, using your own choice of carrier. Each line would be your own and should you move offices you can take it with you…so there would be no need to notify your clients of new numbers. This is not the case with many office rental companies—be sure to ask before you rent space!

Q: What would be my business address?

A: The name of your company, followed by “475 Wall Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.” We do not use suite numbers…which means you can forward mail easily with a Post Office change-of-address form should you move. Most office rental companies use suite numbers, which means the Post Office will not be able to forward your mail.

Q: Can I have your services tailored to my business needs?

A: Yes. Your needs as a small-business and growing company are our prime concern. We offer flexible rates and à la carte services—e.g., administrative support, copies, metered mail—so you don’t pay for services you don’t need. (Many office parks require you to pay for services that we make optional.)

Be sure to compare EVERYTHING before you decide which Princeton office rental location provides the most benefits for your small business.

We believe that our business philosophy and significant advantages truly set us apart from our competition.

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