About Princeton Office Solutions

Does your small business really need to pay for a chrome-and-glass skyscraper with a fountain and marble-enclosed atrium?

Or do you require a fully furnished office with a friendly, efficient administrative staff, leaving you more money to fuel your business?

If the latter is what you’re looking for, Princeton Office Solutions in Princeton, New Jersey, may be the best choice for your office space needs.

Whether your small business requires more than one person today or tomorrow, we can help you grow flexibly and affordably.

Our philosophy

We are a small business that caters to other small businesses and satellite offices for larger companies. We understand your challenges and invite you to grow with us. Unlike corporate-run office parks, we will work with you one-on-one, doing our best to help you succeed. We take care of your business needs so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Examples of our philosophy in action

(1) Most office parks will assign you a suite number. The Post Office will not forward mail from a suite number, so should you move your business one day, getting mail from your old office could be a hassle. We, however, assign you an actual Princeton address, so you can easily have your mail forwarded to your new address simply by filling out a U.S. Post Office change-of-address form.

(2) Most office parks will not let you install your own phone lines. So moving from another office park can make you need to change your business phone number and update all materials, clients, customers, and vendors. We let you install your own lines — and even choose your own providers — so your numbers move with you should you one day decide to leave.

(3) Most office parks will not go to such lengths to watch your back. If you are traveling, you can tell us whether you’re waiting for an important piece of mail or a particular phone call, and we will contact you immediately upon arrival.

What else sets us apart?

Choice – Our offices range in size and style and can be suited to meet your business needs.

Long-term orientation – We allow flexible leasing arrangements, yet find that most of our tenants who thought they would be with us short term and didn’t want to commit long-term, stay with us for many years.

Regional, yet international – We are locally owned and operated. Our single two-story building in Princeton, NJ, provides in-house staff and personal service. Yet we have clients from Australia, India, China, and the United Kingdom, as well as from many towns and cities throughout New Jersey and the United States.

Professional and personal – Unlike many firms that outsource the management and leasing of their office space to third party vendors, tenants, and brokers, you can expect to deal directly with in-house professionals for everything from leasing and management, to construction and accounting. We also maintain a consistent base of reliable, long-term employees.

Relationship-oriented –We maintain a friendly, cordial, professional atmosphere where management is on-site and always available. We help our tenants and clients focus on the growth of their business while we handle the administrative tasks.  We tend to attract like-minded small business people, who get to know each other very well and often end up doing business for one another or with one another!

With over 75 years of collective experience, the reliable and friendly staff are available to answer your telephone calls, provide exceptional and timely administrative services and allow you to focus on your business.

barbara allen

Questions? Schedule a tour? Call Barbara Allen today at (609) 924-0905.

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