Referral Rewards

Pass along our card to your friends and family, and you will receive free rent!

Pass along our card to your family, friends, and business associates —
and you could receive rent credit or a referral fee!

We will reward you for referring others for our office and cubicle space rentals

Current Tenants

Princeton Office Solutions is actively seeking clients for office space rentals, conference room use and videoconferencing. We would appreciate your referrals and as an inducement will provide you a credit off your rent ($1000 off one or more leased offices and $500 for one or more leased cubicles) if you recommend Princeton Office Solutions to a colleague which results in a 12 month (minimum) signed lease by January 1st, 2014.


Although at this time we rent office space on a month to month basis, we will pay a broker referral fee of 5% of the aggregate lease amount of a tenant who completes a 6 month time period, and if the tenant completes another 6 months, we will pay an additional 5% on the 6 months following the 1 year anniversary.

Be sure to compare EVERYTHING before you decide where to operate your small business.

We believe that our business philosophy and significant advantages truly set us apart from our competition.

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